beach bag.

1. keep it simple.

2. deck towel.

inspired by a soldier or two.

100% linen.

3. beach waves.

4. ms. need.

5. capture in an instant.

6. more sound than your iphone.

7. cash. card. id.


8. bring an extra suit.

1. any canvas bag will do. keep it cheap so you can replace or wash when dirty. the beach can get messy but you dont need tolook like it. 2. i have traveled to costa rica and back with one crusty cotton towel. its heavy dirty and not exactly fresh & clean. this http://www.decktowel is light for travel, drys in an instant, and doesnt take the beach home with you. 3. fekkai changed my life. use the beach waves to protect your hair and get perfect beach waves without trying. 4. bobby pin, chapstick, bandaid, lotion, nail file, polish, floss, mints, etc etc. everything you might need in an emergency for your all day trip to the beach. 5. picture time. we love to see our pictures instantly why not give everyone something they can take home from the day. 6. loud enough that your group can hear and not so loud that you are trying to own the beach. 7. running for a drink or snack, ditch the big bag and just take the necessities. 8. my best trick from greece is to never spend a whole day in the same suit. rotate every so often to avoid drastic tan lines. takes a sec and you will be happy getting ready that night. and for the girl whose little butt needs a boost im loving theses acacia suits (

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